Bird safety in the kitchen

With the holidays coming in cold weather fastly approaching many of us are spending more time in our kitchens. Crafting and creating delicious meals for our families. There are many great kitchen gadgets that can make time in the kitchen, less complicated, quicker and more enjoyable. However, are they good for your feathered friends?                                                                                                                  In many cases the answer is no. They are not good for our birds. A lot of the kitchen conveniences today are dangerous to them.                                                         Hot pans, boiling liquids and sharp objects can be dangerous, for obvious reasons, as most people know. What many people do not know is cooking bags and liners, nonstick coating on cookware, and nonstick aluminum foil is also dangerous. It’s not just dangerous, in fact it can be DEADLY to your birds. The nonstick coating and ALL cooking bags emit (release) toxic fumes when heated up. In some cases causing birds to fall from their perches, to their demise, within minutes. 😭.                                                           Make sure to check ALL products used around your birds. A healthy happy bird makes a happy pet parent.
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